Climate Change

The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy, which includes good, family supporting, community sustaining, green jobs.

“We have an opportunity. British Columbia can protect jobs and create new good jobs – tens of thousands of them. It can also do more – and more quickly – to reduce its carbon footprint and help avert climate change. It can do all this while making sure nobody is left behind. Good jobs, social justice and environmental justice – BC can pursue all of these by implementing a green jobs strategy.”

- excerpt from report Jobs, Justice, Climate

Climate Change Working Group

The BC Federation of Labour’s Climate Change Working Group is made up of representatives from our affiliates. The working group promotes awareness and education regarding the effects of climate change, the reduction of greenhouse gases, and green jobs.

The Working Group developed a week-long course which was piloted at the 2014 CLC Winter School in Harrison.

Green Jobs BC – Building a Green Economy

The BC Federation of Labour has partnered with the environmental movement in order to succeed in establishing a green economy for BC. Largely due to the passionate support and generosity of the Federation’s affiliates, the alliance between the labour and environmental movements was formalized and officially launched in 2011 under the banner of Green Jobs BC.

Green Jobs BC exists to strengthen communication and cooperation between labour and environmental organizations in order to advance economic and environmental initiatives that: provide good green jobs; are socially equitable; are ecologically responsible; and, result in the reduction of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

For more information about the work of GreenJobsBC visit:

BCFED statement on youth-led global climate strikes

September 24, 2019 | Climate Change
This Friday, September 27th, students from across British Columbia will walk out of classes and join millions of people around the globe in massive public demonstrations to demand action on the climate crisis. These demonstrations come at a critical moment in Canada, with students sending a clear... more