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    It’s time to restore fairness and balance to BC’s labour laws.

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Latest News

The BC Federation of Labour is profoundly troubled to learn of the attacks on churches and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka that claimed the lives of hundreds in their places of worship. On behalf of the 500,000 union members represented by the Federation through its affiliates, we condemn...
April 10, 2019Senators of CanadaThe Senate of CanadaOttawa, Ontario K1A 0A4BC Federation of Labour Calls for the Immediate Passing of Bill C-262Dear Senators,The B.C. Federation of Labour is calling on each Senator of Canada to pass Bill C-262, An Act to ensure that the laws of Canada are in...
The BC Federation of Labour is welcoming the formal, independent review of the provincial workers’ compensation and appeal system announced by the provincial government. "Injured workers and their families must be fully and fairly compensated for any loss or injury on the job. We welcome the...

The BCFED and you

  • BCFED Health and Safety Centre

    The OH&S Centre can help meet your occupational health and safety training needs.

    Prevention Through Education
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  • Good jobs are Green jobs

    The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy.

    That's why the BCFED has partnered with the environmental movement to create Green Jobs BC.
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  • April 28 National Day of Mourning

    Every worker should come home safe and healthy after each shift. Sadly, that is still not the case in BC.

    Mourn for the dead. Fight for the living.
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