Opinion Editorials

Low minimum wage impedes BC’s economy

September 15, 2015
It’s September 15, and today BC’s lowest paid workers get a raise. That’s right, today is the day that the minimum wage increases by a whopping 20 cents – from $10.25/hr to $10.45/hr. But before we celebrate this raise, let’s put it in context. There are more than 110,000 working people in BC... more

Labour Day 2015 - Greeting from Irene Lanzinger

September 4, 2015
Labour Day has a long and significant history in our country. And as people get ready to enjoy a day off with family or friends, it’s import we don’t lose sight of why we celebrate this day each year. More than just a holiday, Labour Day is a reminder of the struggles and victories of working... more

New tax needed or we face gridlock nightmare

January 29, 2015
There has been a lot of attention paid to the upcoming plebiscite on transportation and transit funding and for good reason. Our current network of roads, buses and trains is simply not able to support our growing region. We’ve all sat in gridlock, been passed over by packed buses and had to... more

We must raise the minimum wage

November 26, 2014 | Minimum Wage
How many British Columbians have been told that getting a job is their path out of poverty? Unfortunately, the sad truth is that thousands of full-time workers toiling at $10.25 per hour (the current minimum wage in BC) find themselves thousands of dollars short of the reaching the poverty line... more

BC teachers need our support

June 18, 2014
“On the importance of education generally we may remark it is as necessary as the light, it should be as common as water, and as free as air.” - Egerton Ryerson, founding father of public education in Canada, 1846 As most of us head for work this morning we will likely walk, drive, or cycle by a... more

Cascade Aerospace

June 12, 2014
This week I was able to visit with workers from Cascade Aerospace. When the company is in operation, it is one of the area’s largest employers, with more than 600 highly-trained employees whose number one job is to keep airplanes in the air. According to the company, "the employees are key to our... more