BCFED Statement on National Injured Workers’ Day

June 1, 2020 | Statement

Every June 1, we stand with injured workers across Canada on National Injured Workers’ Day. And this year, that solidarity is especially important.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put countless workers in danger of contracting a life-threatening disease – and too many of them don’t have the protections they need to stay safe.

BCFED believes every workplace injury is preventable, and that includes infectious diseases. The good news is there’s progress coming out of this pandemic. The WCB’s decision to apply presumption to COVID-19 claims is a welcome step forward, and we’ll be working with them closely to ensure it’s implemented quickly and fairly. There’s nationwide movement toward paid sick leave, led by this province and spurred by working people. And British Columbians everywhere have a new understanding of the importance of workplace health and safety.

Today we renew our commitment to stronger safety rules, better enforcement and a fairer, worker-centered Workers’ Compensation System. We encourage the BC government to release the findings of the Patterson Report, and to keep pushing to ensure all workers have the protections of paid sick leave and strong employment standards.

And we stand alongside workers throughout BC who have been injured or made sick by their work. We will never stop fighting for the dignity, respect and justice they deserve.