New BCFED video spotlights injured workers’ stories to urge WCB reform

June 1, 2022 | News Release

A new video launched on Injured Workers Day portrays the need for changes to BC’s Workers’ Compensation Board in stark terms.

The one-minute video, produced by the BC Federation of Labour for their Workers Deserve Better campaign, draws from the real stories told by injured workers.

“Injured workers ought to be able to count on WCB to support them. But too often it acts like a for-profit insurance company instead of an ally in their recovery,” BCFED President Laird Cronk said.

“On Injured Workers Day, it’s important to underline how urgently we need changes at WCB,” said Secretary-Treasurer Sussanne Skidmore. “We’re asking British Columbians to watch the video, and then sign our petition urging the provincial government to take action.”

The BCFED’s agenda for WCB reform includes:

  • creating a Fair Practices Commission independent of the WCB to deal with complaints and recommend solutions
  • end the clawback of Canada Pension Plan benefits for seriously-injured workers
  • ensuring an equal balance of worker and employer representatives on the WCB Board of Directors
  • mandating vocational rehabilitation to get workers back to real and sustainable jobs
  • ending discriminatory barriers to compensation for psychological injury and chronic pain
  • paying interest to workers when the WCB wrongly denies them benefits, resulting in a lengthy delay
  • ensuring the WCB makes the changes recommended in the Patterson report to create a worker-centered approach.