BCFED applauds Haida Nation Recognition Amendment Act

May 17, 2024 | Indigenous Workers

Rising Tide agreement will mean more certainty, stability for workers in Haida Gwaii

The BC Federation of Labour today congratulated the Haida Nation and the British Columbia government as Bill 25, the Haida Nation Recognition Amendment Act, officially became law late yesterday.

"This agreement is the result of two decades of work, and it's a welcome step towards reconciliation in BC," said BCFED President Sussanne Skidmore. "By recognizing Haida's Aboriginal title throughout Haida Gwaii, this agreement helps ensure a future of opportunity and dignity for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities alike."

The act formally recognizes Haida Nation's Aboriginal title throughout Haida Gwaii and enacts the Gaayhllxid • Gíihlagalgang Rising Tide Haida Title Lands Agreement.

"The Rising Tide agreement is a crucial piece of BC's Reconciliation work. And it will mean long-needed stability and certainty for workers and their families in Haida Gwaii," said Skidmore. "They can count on clear, unambiguous protection of private property, and stability for the municipal and provincial services they rely on."

That certainty is key to ensuring sustainable long-term jobs in the local economy, she added.

Earlier this month, the officers of the BC Federation of Labour voted unanimously to endorse the Haida Title Lands Agreement.

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