Debate about BC’s democracy a healthy outcome of PR referendum, says BCFED

December 20, 2018 | News Release

Vancouver - The BC Federation of Labour says it’s disappointed by the results of the referendum on proportional representation, which favoured the no side.

“But,” says BCFED President Laird Cronk, “the months-long debate about how to make our voting system more democratic and ensure that every vote counts has been mostly positive and a healthy outcome of the process. It’s been an important conversation to have.”

“The first-past-the-post system where 40% of the votes gives a political party 100% of the power has never been friendly to working people,” Cronk says. “Governments matter, and which political party holds power can have dramatically positive, or more frequently, negative impact on the lives of working people.”

With the referendum complete, Cronk says the labour movement will turn to a host of other important issues like restoring fairness and balance in BC’s Labour Code, making workplaces safer for workers, expanding skills training and apprenticeships to address labour shortages and provide opportunities for young people, and strengthening employment standards for all workers in the province.

Cronk expects Premier Horgan and BC’s NDP government to continue to chart a progressive course for the economy, public services and the environment.