BCFED young worker delegation to lobby politicians in Victoria to level the playing field on key issues

May 16, 2018 | News Release

Young workers representing the labour movement will be meeting with politicians today at the Legislature to make the case for change in key areas like strengthening employment standards laws, restoring balance and fairness in the labour code, and improving health and safety protections for gas and convenience store workers that were rolled back under the BC Liberals.

They will meet with NDP government and Green Party officials through the day, and attend Question Period this afternoon.

Young workers in particular were hard hit by the policies of the old government,” says BCFED President Irene Lanzinger. “For 16 years, the BC Liberals rolled back basic workplace standards and rights that had a disproportionate impact on young workers.

“They tilted labour laws in favour of employers to impose significant barriers for all workers to join unions to improve their wages and working conditions,” she says. “And in the aftermath of the tragic death of gas station attendant Grant De Patie, they abandoned safety rules that protected vulnerable young staff working at night.”

The lobby, part of the BCFED’s Level the Playing Field Campaign, will also talk about affordability issues and building an economy that works for everyone, including young workers.