BCFED welcomes the re-establishment of a BC Human Rights Commission

August 4, 2017 | News Release

Vancouver-The BC Federation of Labour commends the new provincial government on the re-establishment of the BC Human Rights Commission.

For fifteen years, BC has been without a Human Rights Commission, which plays an important role in ensuring that women, persons of colour, LGBTQ persons, people with disabilities, youth and Indigenous persons are treated fairly.

“The BC Federation of Labour believes strongly that human rights are workers’ rights, and that systemic discrimination of marginalized workers needs to be addressed at the highest level,” stated Irene Lanzinger, President of the BC Federation of Labour. “The BC Human Rights Commission can help to address this discrimination.”

The BCFED remains dedicated to educating the public and union members on this issue. We look forward to working with the BC Human Rights Commission and assisting in any way we can to end systemic discrimination of vulnerable workers in this province.