Proposed amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation Part 16

The Federation considers the consultation process as a valuable opportunity to make recommendations on the proposed regulatory amendments.

The BCFED and our affiliates participated in the pre-consultation meetings and were concerned that this comprehensive review not weaken worker safety by reason of the proposed reduction in the number of sections.

In October 2018, the BCFED provided a submission on the Part 16 Mobile Equipment discussion paper, making recommendations that we hoped the WCB Board of Directors (BOD, Board) would implement in the proposed amendments that went out for public consultation.

We were disappointed that none of our recommendations are reflected in the current amendments.

This submission was prepared in consultation with our affiliates.

To provide clarity to this submission, the BCFED will respond only to the sections of Part 16 where we are recommending changes to the proposed amendments. The BCFED agrees with all other sections of the proposed amendments. The WCB has conducted a “full review of Part 16,” therefore the amendments are complex and extensive.

Read the full submission here.