Level the Playing Field: Investing in Workers to Build a Strong Economy


The legacy of the former BC Liberal government is one of inequality, poverty and insecurity. We know that the affordability crisis, the rise of precarious work, and deep cuts to the services and programs people rely on have taken a toll on families and communities.

The social and economic fabric of our province was hurt by the policies of the former government. Working people were left behind.

We welcomed a change in government and applaud many of the early efforts the BC NDP government has made to address the challenges facing working people. This includes steps to
increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour, the elimination of the discriminatory liquor server wage, the elimination of MSP premiums, the creation of an affordable childcare program, and the establishment of Community Benefit Agreements for all public infrastructure projects.

We also look forward to the outcome of the consultation program regarding a poverty reduction plan for BC. Many community organizations, including the BCFED, have been active on this
critical topic. We support the recommendations community groups, including labour, are advancing to address growing rates of poverty in our communities, including increasing social
assistance rates, addressing access to transit, and advancing an aggressive plan to address housing. Many of these ideas will have budget implications, and we encourage you to give those ideas
serious consideration.

We are calling on the BC government to champion a budget that levels the playing field for working people. For our submission we will focus on the core building blocks of a healthy economy: strong employment standards laws, a balanced Labour Code that protects all working people, and fair compensation for workers injured or made ill on the job.

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