Fair and balanced labour laws

The new BC government formed a Labour Code review panel to fulfill an election promise to update BC’s labour laws.

The BC Federation of Labour says that it’s time to restore fairness and balance after 16 years of the BC Liberals tilting the laws in favour of employers.

To level the playing field for working people, the Federation is calling for action to:

  • remove barriers for workers to exercise their constitutional right to join a union including a return to signed union card certifications—a process already in place in eight Canadian jurisdictions;
  • prevent employers from interfering in union organizing drives;
  • end rampant “contract flipping” that enables employers to keep wages low for tens of thousands of workers; and
  • ensure that the LRB has the financial resources it needs to do its job and make timely decisions.

Increased unionization is a good thing for our society and our economy, says BCFED President Irene Lanzinger. It gives workers more power to bargain better wages and conditions. That’s part of the solution to the rampant inequality problem we face here in BC.

Read our action plan for labour law reform.