Community and Social Action Committee

The Terms of Reference for the BCFED Community and Social Action Standing Committee:

  • Recommend to the officers and executive council policy and program initiatives to improve on issues including but not limited to affordable housing and tenants’ rights, poverty, the opioid crisis, mental health, and anti-racism, with an aim to build a safer, more inclusive community for all;

  • The work undertaken by this committee shall be rooted in decolonization with respect to Indigenous rights through reconciliation, and a continued commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and addressing issues of structural and institutional racism;

  • Monitor and report on active campaigns and initiatives as they relate to community and social action and support the work of other standing committees at the BCFED as they intersect with related work of the Community and Social Action Committee;

  • Act as an information exchange for affiliated unions; outreach and collaborate with community organizations engaged in the same work; and

  • Collaborate on programs at the direction of the officers and executive Council.