BCFED congratulates Art Kube on his appointment to the Order of Canada

July 1, 2015 | Statement

VANCOUVER - The following is a statement from BC Federation of Labour president Irene Lanzinger on the appointment of Art Kube to the Order of Canada:

“On behalf of the BC Federation of Labour, it is a great pleasure to congratulate Art Kube on his appointment as a Member of the Order of Canada. Art’s commitment and passion to the people of British Columbia and Canada has never waivered, and it is important that his work is being recognised and honoured in this way.

Art’s remarkable career started in the trades, working as a steel fabricator, heavy equipment operator and a miner. His work took him from Vienna (Austria) to Edmonton, the Canadian Artic and then to Manitoba and Ontario.

In the 1960’s he became active in the Canadian Labour Congress, and over the next two decades took on a variety of positions advancing bargaining rights, education opportunities and organizing.

From 1983 to 1986 Art served as the President of the BC Federation of Labour. During this time he also took on the role of Chairperson for Operation Solidarity. Art’s leadership inspired an entire movement, leaving a remarkable legacy of determination and pride.

Art’s commitment to community has continued in his work with seniors organizations, including the Council of Senior Citizens Organization of British Columbia and the National Pensioners and Senior Citizens Federation. He has remained one of the strongest voices in Canada on seniors issues including pension security and protection of our universal health care system.

His lifetime of advocacy and activism has inspired generations of leaders coming behind him. It is a real pleasure to see him honoured with this appointment to the Order of Canada.

Congratulations Art!”