Women trade unionists to lobby in Victoria Monday for greater protections from violence, assaults and harassment

Vancouver - Just ahead of International Women’s Day, a delegation of 30 women union leaders will meet with government and opposition politicians in Victoria to propose concrete steps focusing on women’s safety and greater protections from violence, assaults and harassment both on and off the job.

“We’ll be seeking support for a host of measures that will keep women safer at work, in the community and at home,” says BC Federation of Labour President Irene Lanzinger, whose group is organizing the lobby.

Among the issues that will be raised include:

• Improved sexual assault services for women at BC health care facilities;
• Updated employment laws to include domestic violence leave to safeguard the jobs and paycheques of women who are victimized by domestic violence; and
• Better protections for women to address sexual violence and harassment on the job.

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