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    Join us at our free evening event April 5 on Just Transition to hear how addressing climate change can lead to the creation of decent, secure jobs that leave no one behind.

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    Help end exemptions to the minimum wage. Send a message to the government: It’s time BC had one fair wage for all workers!

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Latest News

The Following is a statement from BC Federation of Labour President Irene Lanzinger for International Women’s Day: “March 8, 2018 marks 108 years since the first International Women’s Day was observed. This year the dominant narrative around the status of women in Canada and in BC has been...
Vancouver – The following is a statement from Irene Lanzinger, President of the BC Federation of Labour, marking the anniversary of the tragic van crash that killed three women farmworkers on March 7, 2007: “March 7 is a day we must remember to renew our commitment to fight for...
Vancouver - Just ahead of International Women’s Day, a delegation of 30 women union leaders will meet with government and opposition politicians in Victoria to propose concrete steps focusing on women’s safety and greater protections from violence, assaults and harassment both on...

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  • BCFED Health and Safety Centre

    The OH&S Centre can help meet your occupational health and safety training needs.

    Prevention Through Education
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  • Good jobs are Green jobs

    The labour movement is essential to making the transition to a sustainable green economy.

    That's why the BCFED has partnered with the environmental movement to create Green Jobs BC.
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  • April 28 National Day of Mourning

    Every worker should come home safe and healthy after each shift. Sadly, that is still not the case in BC.

    Mourn for the dead. Fight for the living.
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Message from the President


The labour movement is critical to the lives of working people. The BC Federation of Labour is the collective voice of workers in BC – representing half a million people who work in every aspect of our economy, in every region of the province.

We are a vital voice in shaping our growing communities. As a movement we tackle issues that impact everyone – safe workplaces, minimum wage, pension and retirement security, protection of public services, and so much more.

Our advocacy has made significant changes for the better – but we have more work to do. We must remain committed to the long-term project of building a province and an economy that works for everyone.

Our greatest strength is our people and our passion. I look forward to working with all of you in the years ahead, and advancing the campaigns and issues we know make a difference.

In solidarity,

    - Irene Lanzinger, President