Labour Education Database

Ongoing education and training courses are offered by many of our affiliates, and open to union members across the province. See the list below for information on courses currently being offered.

Title Course Description Length Union Name Email Phone
Bargaining for Equality This workshop will help you in your next round of bargaining. Learn about current bargaining issues that are important to make yours “a workplace for all”. You will get sample bargaining language that has been negotiated by other locals and bargaining tips on how to achieve it. 3 hours CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Collective Bargaining The focus of this workshop is a multi-day role-play that helps build high-level bargaining skills. If you are a bargaining committee member, here’s your chance to work with real bargaining information and gain the experience you need when facing management. You’ll also explore current issues like interest-based bargaining and bargaining for equality. Weeklong CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Creating Social Justice Stopping racism in the workplace and the union will benefit everyone. This workshop will: deepen your understanding of racism, explore the history of racism and colonialism in North America; and explore how to be an ally for racial equality. 9 hours CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Bargaining Skills This course is for bargaining committee members who have already taken “Preparing for Bargaining” workshop. Will learn more about the bargaining process by role-playing and discussing bargaining strategies. Learn how to develop a bargaining plan, present a proposal to management, and build support from the membership during bargaining. 9 hours CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Conflict Resolution Conflict is a natural part of our lives. Learning to handle it well will improve your relationships with other members, co-workers, and the employer. This workshop will: deepen your understanding of conflict, strengthen your communication skills and provide opportunities to practice responding to conflict. 3 hour or 9 hour or weeklong CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Effective Leadership Looking for ways to involved more members? This workshop covers: what a union local does, barriers to union involvement and strategies for getting more members involved in union work. 9 hours CUPE Darlene Wilson (604) 291-1940
Building a Respectful Workplace (Anti-Harassment) This course concentrates on defining harassment and exploring the legal and moral obligations of both employers and unions in creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace. Using case studies, participants will analyze all forms of harassment, but particularly harassment based on race, gender, sexual orientation and disability. 1 day Unifor Karen Cobb (800) 268-5763
Building Activism Working with concrete tools for strategic planning, effective communication, and building leadership participants will explore new ways of approaching their work as activists. Examples of campaigns and actions will be used to explore how the use of planning, creativity and effective communication contribute to our success as activists and ultimately to the strengthening of our union. 1 day Unifor Karen Cobb (800) 268-5763
Job Action FPSE #11. Two levels: Basic and Advanced. This course reviews the legal as well as strategic issues that need to be addressed when preparing for job action. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Leadership FPSE #12. Effective leadership at the local level plays a critical role in advocating for members. This course reviews the elements of leadership necessary to advocate effectively for your membership. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Steward Training FPSE #1. Two levels: Basic & Advanced. The FPSE Steward Training Manual and course are designed to provide practical advice on the role of a union steward in general- as a leader, educator, communicator, and representative – and specifically in the investigation, preparation and representation of grievances. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Effective Meetings FPSE #2. The FPSE Effective Meeting manual and workshop are designed to assist member locals in planning for and conducting executive, committee, and general membership meetings that are more effective and efficient. Topics include meetings as an organizing tool; planning the meeting; the agenda; getting people to attend; and role of the Chair. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Disability Management FPSE #3. The FPSE Disability Management course will provide faculty representatives, activists and committee members with the most current information on disability management issues as well as emerging trends in this critical subject area. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Working with the Media FPSE #4. Working with the media is a critical part of local communications work. This course will help FPSE Locals work effectively with local media on critical issues in your community and institution. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Effective Political Action FPSE #5. Change does not come about by itself. This course covers the basic steps of a political campaign – be it to influence an election or secure bargaining objectives, or to challenge a policy or initiative by the institution. The course outlines the basic elements in developing any campaign and details how those strategies and tactics can be used to achieve better outcomes at a local level. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Effective Union Executive FPSE #6. The FPSE Union Executive course is designed to help local executive members develop effective decision-making procedures that build member involvement at the local level. Topics include goal setting, legal authority, fiduciary duty, and conflict of interest. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Layoffs FPSE #7. The FPSE layoffs course provides a review of legal rights and strategies to defend against layoffs and cope with those you could not stop. Topics include strategies and alternatives to layoff, layoff by seniority, layoff notices, bumping rights, severance pay, recall rights, employee counseling and other services, and more. 2 hours FSPE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Governance FPSE #8. The FPSE Governance course and manual provide a guide to faculty representatives who serve on institutional Boards, Education Councils and Senates. The course highlights important duties and responsibilities as well as encourages new members to participate in these bodies. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Collective Bargaining FPSE #9. Two Levels: Basic & Advanced. This course provides a review of the bargaining process as well as strategies for achieving success at the bargaining table. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Collegial Authority FPSE #10. This course reviews some of the emerging issues that faculty face as Department Heads or Departmental committee members. It discusses the ways in which faculty can exercise their “collegial authority” with due care and balance their responsibilities in ways that avoid conflict. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Member-to-member Conflict FPSE #13. Tensions in the workplace can often lead to serious labour relations problems. This course discusses how to deal with those conflicts and increase understanding and effective communication between members. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Advocacy FPSE #14. Our skills as advocates can ultimately make an enormous difference in the outcomes we secure for members. This course focuses on skills-building exercises to ensure better advocacy at the local level. 2 hours FPSE Angela Kenyon (604) 873-8988
Collective Bargaining Participants see the steps from the first union caucus meeting to ratification of a new contract, the debates both in the union and management committees, and all the essential elements of the collective bargaining process. Participants see how they can draw on their own strengths to make a contribution, why contract language is so important, and what resources the CAW national union provides. 1 day video, paper discussion Unifor Karen Cobb (800) 268-5763
Basic Stewards Training Rights, role and responsibilities of a steward, 1st steps of grievance procedure, know your collective agreement, workplace discrimination and diversity, scenarios, role plays, 6 W’s, investigations, timelines, Required standard of proof, letters of expectations, progressive discipline process, common grievances checklist, policy and et-al grievances. 2 days BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Advanced Steward Training Review of Basic Stewarding, management rights pie, dealing with difficult member and management, right to information, accommodation, the arbitration process (includes brand new video), interpretive grievances, extensive resources on latest case law on specific issues. 2 days BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Bullying in the Workplace What is bullying, examples of bullying behaviour, what bullying is NOT, the causes of bullying, the costs, how do we address the behaviour as a union, employer, steward?, examples of collective agreement language and employer policies, case study, action planning, stats, legislation. 3-4 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Public Speaking Key elements, developing the speech, delivering the speech-tips, do’s and don’ts, practice by video tape, or feedback. 4 hours/1 day BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Lobbying Politicians Fears, defining the issue, strategy, the approach, researching the issue, the 3 stages of lobbying, lobbying within the local, face to face meetings. 2 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Stress in the Workplace To give you a different perspective of stress in the workplace by looking at the systemic issues based on the codes that are applied in worksites in the UK. Early identification of anxiety disorders, defining stress, implications for the workplace, PTSD, violence, excessive stress, stress code, 6 stress steps of the UK code, solutions. 3 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Writing Resolutions in Plain and Simple Language Why and when we do resolutions and the importance of writing them in clear and simple language. Examples of each, what happens after resolution is submitted. 2 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Strike Training Strike preparedness and administration, how to deal with specific situations, strike pay, policies and procedures both internally as well as labour code and Federation of labour, constitutional information, member or picketer info sheets, role plays and situations. 3 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Facilitator Training Doing introductions, expectations, guidelines, theory of popular and adult education, ensuri9ng equity in facilitation, responsibilities and tools, the planning phase, processes, techniques and challenges, challenging participants, effective communication, open ended questions, giving and receiving feedback, co- facilitating, role plays, facilitation practice, scenario work. 2-3 days BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Bargaining Committee Training Process and checklists for bargaining, roles and responsibilities of committee, preparation and setting protocol, the bargaining dynamics of opening stages, memorandums, side documents, negotiating tactics, what do the words in a contract mean, drafting contract language, verbal ploys, management diversions and tactics, caucus, bad faith bargaining, the labour code, communications with members, 1 day BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Labour Management Committee Training For both management and union on how to run an effective committee. The relationship between employer and union, makeup of committee, legal rights and obligations, benefits to each party, must haves, influences, developing terms of reference, role of chairperson and secretary. 2/3 hrs if combined w/conflict resolution BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Conflict Resolution What is conflict, dealing with conflict, types of behaviour in conflict, dealing with specific supervisors, how do we deal with conflict, what options do we have when confronted by management, dealing with management, assertive behaviour, checklist for clues to behaviour. 3 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Speak Up, Speak Out, Communicating Assertively Recognition test, what is and what isn’t assertive communication, asserting yourself, how do I become more assertive, tips, developing assertive responses to the boss, non verbal communication, checklist for clues to behaviour, active listening. Interactive fun course. 3 hours BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Local Officers Training Roles and responsibilities of officers, running meetings, group decision making methods, rules of order, handling difficult situations, workplace leadership and member to member, creating local visibility, union myths, leadership in the local, leadership and trade unionism, maintaining union leadership. 2 days BCGEU James Cavalluzzo (604) 291-9611
Joint OHS Committee Course Basic OHS rights, history, legislation, roles and responsibilities, the joint OHS committee, hazard identification and control, inspections, incident investigations, committee work plans. 1 day BCGEU BCGEU OHS (604) 291-9611
Incident Investigations Course Legislative requirements for investigations, the purpose of conduction investigations, guiding principles of an effective investigation, investigator knowledge and skills, the 7 step process. 1 day BCGEU BCGEU OHS (604) 291-9611
Workplace Ergonomics for Assessors and Committee Members Requirements of the ergonomics regulation, how to identify ergonomic hazards to assess the risk factors of tasks and to recommend appropriate solutions, strategies for implementing an effective workplace ergonomics program, how to conduct a workstation assessment. 1 Day BCGEU BCGEU OHS (604) 291-9611
Prevention of Workplace Violence The legislative requirements for a violence prevention program, the definition of workplace violence, how to identify the hazards, the factors that contribute to the increased risk of workplace violence, the strategies for recommending corrective measures to eliminate or reduce the risk of violence. 1 Day BCGEU BCGEU OHS (604) 291-9611